Sunday Classes

11am: Sunday Beginner Flamenco with Stephanie Keeton

8 classes starting January 5, 2020. For registration, see

12pm: Beginner Castanets

Begins January 12. This class is a thorough introduction to Castanet playing for flamenco dancers of Advanced Beginner class level or above. We will work on proper playing technique, rhythms, coordination, and how to play while dancing! Students must bring their own castanets. Class time is Sundays, 12-1pm, 8 class session (no classes Feb. 16 or 23). 8 classes: $98 or use your class card! No drop-ins without permission.

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1-2pm: Intermediate Bata de Cola

Begins March 1. Technique and choreography for Intermediate level flamenco dancers with prior experience dancing with bata de cola. Choreography will be taught for performance in Flamencura’s Spring Showcase on May 16. 8 classes, $98.

2-3pm: Int/Advanced Castanets

Begins January 12. A continuing study and practice of all aspects of Castanet playing for Intermediate and Advanced level dancers. Class consists of technique exercises for improving playing speed, coordination, and musicality, as well as choreography for performance. This class is ongoing. One 8-class session (Jan. 12-March 15, no class Feb. 16 or 23) is $98, or use your Intermediate or Advanced class card.

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3-4pm: Advanced Bata de Cola

Beginning March 1. Technique and choreography for bata de cola students with an advanced flamenco level and extensive experience with bata de cola. Choreography will be taught for performance in Flamencura’s May 16 Student Showcase. 8 classes, $98.

Intro Bata 1-Day Workshop

Saturday, Feb. 29, 1-2:30pm

A 1.5 hour class introducing students to the basics of bata de cola technique. This class is required for Intermediate students without previous experience with bata de cola.

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