Pureza Flamenco Guitar (PFG)

flamenco austin-PalmaseditPureza Flamenco Guitar, Texas’ newest and most exciting guitar ensemble, brings a fresh and passionate approach to flamenco. With bewitching original compositions, dazzling technique and insightful takes on flamenco classics, Pureza Flamenco combines modern elegance with ancestral grooves.

In their debut show, “Purification by Flamenco,” PFG turns the old-school hierarchy on its head, featuring flamenco guitar loud and proud, accompanied by enticing tidbits of song and dance.PFG Members:

Isaí Chacón: guitar and vocals
Pepe Gaytán: percussion
Luis Manuel Ramos: guitar
Jose Manuel Tejeda: guitar
Guest dancer: Olivia Chacón



Check out Luisma’s review in the San Antonio Express News here

This is Jose Manuel in action as part of Alante Flamenco Ensemble

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