Flamenco (Spanish) Dance Terms

Taconeo/ Zapateado: Footwork, particularly a long or repeated rhythmic sequence

Marcaje: Rhythmic movements with the whole body

Floreo/ Muñeqeo: Hand and wrist movements

Llamada: A rhythmic “call” made by dancing

Palmas: Hand clapping

Vueltas/Giros: Turns

Recoge: A short series of steps intended as a transition between parts of a dance.

Movie Recommendation:

Watch “Latcho Drom” by Director Tony Gatlif on YouTube: https://youtu.be/J3zQl3d0HFE

This film, made up entirely of music and dance of Roma (Gypsy) people, takes you on a journey along the path of the Roma migration from Northern India though Turkey, Egypt, and Europe, concluding with flamenco in Southern Spain. 

Flamenco Music on Spotify:

Here’s the playlist I use most often for class, and I add to it frequently: https://open.spotify.com/user/coshahemosha/playlist/7Ba0odmiJ3Bl5zNJ3XuuGo?si=UMPJ8CgXTJOUx9RkHx2cAg

Album of the Month:

Estrella Morente, “Mi Cante y Un Poema“: https://open.spotify.com/album/4IhoKolokZAqh0re1nhUR0?si=GSc7MJvcS_mPcjnCJxcrqw

YouTube Channel to Follow: 

DeFlamenco TV covers flamenco music and dance events (mainly in Spain) with content added frequently: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV40UTOmx_gMwC93TFji28A

Around the Web: 

DeFlamenco.com has articles, show reviews, interviews, and more, in Spanish and English: https://www.deflamenco.com/

Lunares Flamenco is a popular flamenco costume and dress shop from Brazil. I’ll have practice and performance clothes from Lunares for sale in the studio this week! https://www.lunaresflamenco.com.br/en/

See you in class,

Olivia Chacon


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