Flamenco Dance Classes

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a unique musical form from Andalucia, the southern region of Spain. The roots of flamenco go back hundreds of year when Spanish, Muslim, Jewish and Gypsy (Roma) cultures all mixed, resulting in a musical form that was preserved and developed in later centuries. Although flamenco is danced by both men and women, female dancers called “bailaoras” have dominated in the popular imagination, since flamenco provides a unique opportunity for women to express strength, vulnerability, sensuality and an almost infinite range of emotions.

Flamenco at Flamencura

Flamencura Music and Dance Studio opened its doors in May, 2010 as Austin’s only dance studio dedicated to Flamenco. Flamencura has a lovely 750 square foot main studio, equipped with mirrors and sprung plywood floors specially designed for flamenco dancing. Most of our dance classes are taught by founder Olivia Chacon.  She has danced flamenco for over fifteen years, including more than four years of study in Spain with the world’s greatest flamenco stars. She is an experienced performer, having danced in theaters and flamenco tablaos throughout Texas, Spain, Mexico, Germany, and Cyprus. Olivia is also a seasoned instructor, and enjoys introducing new students of all ages to the joys of flamenco through her original choreographies.

Our Classes

New Beginners-Introduction to Flamenco for absolute beginners. Beginner students will learn posture, arm, hand and body technique, footwork technique, how to listen for and respond to flamenco rhythms, and the basic structure of flamenco dance. Students will learn short segments or variations in each class.
is for those who have attended at least 2 months of Beginner Flamenco, and have mastered the most basic concepts of flamenco technique and rhythm. Students in Flamenco I will learn 12-count rhythms and more complex marking, footwork and turns, and will complete longer choreographies for performance at recitals. Students should stay in Flamenco I until the instructor determines that they may move on the Flamenco II.
Flamenco II-This class is for students with at least one year of good attendance at Flamenco I class (or by instructor evaluation). Students should already know a variety of basic footwork and armwork techniques. Flamenco II classes are aimed at improving footwork speed, clarity and musicality, mastering more complex armwork, turns, and maintaining posture and coordination while dancing. Students will dance more elaborate choreographies in order to learn to work with different musical styles, and may have the opportunity to perform in studio recitals or public performances throughout the year.
Flamenco III-Students at this level should already have a background of at least three years of flamenco dance instruction, and have solid knowledge of a wide range of technique. Classes will focus on improving musicality and speed of footwork, body coordination in more complex combinations, turns, and learning to identify and work with a range of musical palos (styles). They may also have the chance to work with live musicians in order to learn improvisation and performance skills. Students will learn choreographies for performance opportunities throughout the year. Students with a high level may be eligible to audition for Flamencura’s professional dance company, A’lante Flamenco Dance Ensemble.
Flamenco for Kids ages 6-9 Tuesdays 4:30-5:25:     Girls and boys will get to know flamenco music, rhythm, coordination and movement skills, and enjoy making noise in a bilingual environment! Youth Flamenco (Ages 10-13) Tuesdays 5:30-6:30:  Girls and boys will learn basic flamenco technique and short choreographies for performance. The focus will be on improving posture, coordination, rhythm and musicality, plus youth flamenco students will enjoy being active and learning musicality and performance skills in a bilingual environment.

Tuition Fees

Single adult group class: $15

New Beginners 8-week session: $98

New Beginner Intensive 8-week session: $170

8-class card (Any level, expires 30 days from purchase): $98

4-class card (Any level, expires 1 year from purchase): $62

8 class card (Any level, expires 1 year from purchase) : $124

Class card renew fee $20

Please consult with instructor to determine the proper classes for you to attend!

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